Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream Cake


I never realized how difficult it was to photograph (or attempt to photograph) an ice cream cake !!! With the humidity here, even though we are heading for winter, it was not that easy ….well, for me anyway.  I am hardly a professional, so being super quick to photograph before the ice cream melted….well lets just say, I thoroughly enjoyed eating little slices of the ice cream cake as it started to melt ! (the photographs are not great, so I apologize)

This is a ‘cheat’ ice cream cake for me (sorry) but now and then…it is okay.  It basically is my favorite chocolate fudge sponge cake, my favorite store-bought ice cream, a packet of Oreo cookies, a slab of Cadbury’s Oreo Chocolate and a slab of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate, throw it all together and an easy awesome dessert is created :-). I love the concept of this dessert, the spongy fudge cake base and top with the ice cream in the middle, filled with bits of chunky surprises.

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I had baked my sponge cake awhile ago (using a 17 cm/ 6.7 inch base and 6.5 cm/ 2.6 inch depth) and had stuck it in the deep freeze.*  So that alone, made the whole process of this ice cream cake easier than ever!

It is very important to use the exact same size baking tin as well for when assembling.

If you don’t have the same size baking tin I used, any size will do, providing it has the depth.  There is no hard and fast rule with this recipe.

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Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Preparation time: 50 minutes (basic time including baking from scratch an average sponge cake)

Total time:  2 hours 50 minutes


1 half of a chocolate sponge cake (freeze the other half)

1 litre of Ola chocolate ice cream

1 packet original Oreo Cookies

120 grams Cadbury’s Oreo Chocolate

80 grams Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate


Take the ice cream out from the freezer.

Set aside the baking tin used to bake the cake.

Line the baking tin with cling wrap, covering all sides and allowing for over-lapping on the sides.

Slice one round half of the chocolate sponge cake into two.  You will now have two thin rounds of sponge cake. This is what you will be using, so wrap and freeze the un-sliced sponge cake for another day.

Place one of the thin rounds into the tin and press down so it fits snugly.

In the meantime, break up the Oreo cookies in chunks.

Chop up half of the Oreo chocolate slab in chunks.

Chop up half of the milk chocolate slab in chunks.

Grate the balance of the chocolate slabs and put in a container to be used just before serving.

By this time the ice cream should have defrosted (but must not be runny) enough to be able to mix through the cookies and chocolate.

Then scoop the ice cream with cookies and chocolate onto the first layer of the sponge cake inside the baking tin.

Smooth out.

Then put the second thin sponge cake layer on top of the ice cream and press down firmly.

Fold the over-lapping cling wrap over the top of the cake and seal. You may need to put another piece of cling wrap over to secure and ensure no ice gets into the cake.

Place in freezer for about two hours.

Take out of the freezer about 30 minutes before serving, so that the cake can reach almost room temperature in the baking tin.

The cake can be turned onto a serving plate and the cling wrap removed.

Decorate the top of the cake with the slithered and chopped chocolates which were set aside.

Slice and top with chocolate sauce if you want.

Enjoy 🙂

*  Freezing sponge cakes works well.  They must be well wrapped in aluminium foil (tin foil) and then cling wrapped tightly.  I usually then put in a sealed container over and above the wrapping and freeze to ensure safety of the cakes.

Once they have defrosted and reached room temperature, they then can have icing or frosting put on, if required.




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