Spicy Brownies


Recently when I was compiling all my recipes which I had collected over the years, I came across Spicy Brownies.  This particular recipe came from a Your Family Magazine dated 2003 !  This recipe absolutely intrigued me, to the point I had to try it.  I personally had never seen a Spicy Brownie recipe before this one, and have never seen one since.

When going over the recipe, the spices didn’t seem too intense and I envisioned a low-key, subtle flavoured brownie.

Well, today was the day.  I finally got around to making them and apart from the brownies being so quick and easy to make, the texture was amazing, soft, squishy and moist, just as a brownie should be and I was right about the flavours. They were subtle, almost fragrant with a delicate hint of the spices and an after taste which was just superb….just so different….

I did bake the brownies in a fan oven.  If you are using a convection oven the temperature should then be 180 degrees C instead of 170 degrees C and then allow to bake for 35/40 minutes, instead of the said 45 minutes. You will know they are done when you notice slight cracking on the top of the brownie mixture.  Remember not to over cook the brownies and also remember that whilst the brownies are out of the oven and cooling in the baking tray, they still are cooking slightly until they have cooled down completely.


Once the brownies cooled and were cut, I sifted a little icing sugar over the top.  This of course is optional.  These Spicy Brownies are delicious as is, or as a dessert with either cream or ice cream.


Spicy Brownies

Preparation time:  20 minutes

Cooking Time:  45 minutes

Total time:  1 hour and 5 minutes


200 grams salted butter

300 grams (300 millilitres) Huletts loosely packed brown sugar

3 jumbo free range eggs

150 grams Cadbury’s Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate

50 grams Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate

25 grams (60 millilitres) cocoa powder

100 grams (200 millilitres) Cake Wheat Flour

.60 teaspoon (3 millilitres) ground ginger

.60 teaspoon (3 millilitres) ground all spice

1 teaspoon (5 millilitres) ground cinnamon


Preheat Oven 170 degrees C (Fan Oven)/340 degrees F.

Grease and line a baking tin, 18 x 18 centimetres/7.5 x 7.5 inches*

Once all the ingredients have been measured out, set aside in separate bowls.

Sift the flour and spices together, and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, add the butter and sugar.

Using an electric beater, mix the butter and sugar well until the mixture becomes a cream(ish) colour.

Add each egg, separately into the creamed butter and sugar mixture and beat well after each addition with the electric beater.

Now, place a small pot of a little simmering water on the stove.  Set a heat proof bowl on top of the pot. Ensure the simmering water does not touch the heat proof bowl.

Add the chocolate and allow to melt.

Once the chocolate has melted, fold the melted chocolate into the creamed egg mixture with a metal spoon.

Then add the sifted flour and spices to the chocolate creamed mixture and fold with a metal spoon.

Pour the mixture into the lined, greased baking tray and place in the preheated oven at 170 degrees C (fan oven) for 45 minutes/340 degrees F.

Enjoy 🙂

*  I use Spray ‘n Cook for greasing when baking.



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