Homemade Mayonnaise


I have the perfect solution to those spare egg yolks sitting in the fridge….Homemade Mayo !!!  This is so unbelievably easy to make.  All that is needed is an electric beater and literally a few ingredients….and not only that, but its done in like 15 minutes.

About ten years ago, I decided to change our way of eating, as a family.  Not that we ate badly at all, we ate extremely healthily, I just wanted to improve on it, wherever possible, even further, so I made a conservative effort to eliminate all colourants and preservatives as best I could and started making my own homemade condiments.

For starters, the hubby used to drive me crazy, he would douse his salad with store-bought mayonnaise to the extent, I am convinced all he could taste was mayonnaise (thinking about it now, maybe he didn’t like the salad…oops!). Anyway, so the hunt began to find out how to make my own home-made mayonnaise. Then one day while watching television, the cooking channel, of course….Rachel Allan made a super easy mayonnaise.  Well, I scribbled the recipe down and made it.  It was just great, and sooooo simple to do ! Over the years, I have played with it and have found it to be so versatile. Sometimes I make it with just egg yolk, sometimes a whole egg, often I pile in various herbs, depending on what is in the herb garden.  I have added chillies, sometimes garlic and often I will add extra lemon for the tang.  I have tried the various oils and definitely prefer using the extra light olive oil when making the mayonnaise.  For me it just has a better taste.  I have tried the usual vegetable oil and even added a bit of olive oil, but still prefer the extra light olive oil.  It is great, and thankfully now the hubby only eats the homemade mayonnaise, and he loves it.

I made some mayonnaise over the weekend, and found that it became very thick.  I just added a tablespoon of warm water, to thin it out a little, and that worked like a dream.  I did use jumbo eggs, so that may have been the reason, but it still turned out divine.

Once the mayonnaise is done, spoon it into a sterilized jar with a tight fitting lid.  Due to the mayonnaise having no preservatives, it will only last several days to a week in the refrigerator.  This mayonnaise is brilliant.  I have never had any inclination to buy a store bought mayonnaise since I tried this one.


Homemade Mayonnaise

Preparation time:  5 minutes

Total time:  15 minutes

Makes 500 millilitres (2 cups)


2 free-range egg yolks

2 teaspoonfuls of mustard powder

salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

500 millilitres (2 cups) extra light olive oil

handful of fresh herbs, chopped (optional)


Place the egg yolks in a medium sized bowl.

Add the mustard powder, salt and pepper and lemon juice.

With an electric beater, beat until the egg yolks turn a pale colour (about ten minutes).

Then add the extra light olive oil very very slowly by drizzling it in down the inside of the bowl, a little at a time, with the electric beater still on.

Continue  adding the extra light olive oil slowly with the electric beater, beating. You will notice that the mixture begins to thicken.

Then add a handful of fresh herbs, and stir in.

Enjoy 🙂

NB*  If you find that the mayonnaise is thicker than you would like, add a tablespoon of warm water and stir in.


3 thoughts on “Homemade Mayonnaise

    • That must have been a real arm workout beating by hand. Glad it brought back fond memories for you. I hope you get to try mine with adding the herbs. Thank you so much for your kind words.


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