Creamy Fettuccini


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Who wants a simple, easy and quick dinner for tonight ?….ummm yes, please! Sometimes, simple is good.  Sometimes, it just has to be.  Sometimes, it is just nice to have simplicity and have a break from all the cooking, pots and worst of all … the dishes!  Fortunately, I have trained my hubby well, and I cook, and he does the dishes…good hey…well, it works for us 🙂 (but that only happens at dinner time). If I decide to go on a cooking or baking binge during the day, which is often…the dishes I have to do, because, me and dirty dishes, and me and stuff all around my kitchen, just does not cut it for me…I would go C..R..A..Z..Y !!!)



I have made this dish, strictly vegetarian, but it can definitely be changed by adding some bacon, chicken or whatever meat you prefer.  I always find spinach and bacon go so well together, even with some chopped mushrooms…hmmm yum…but for now, that would hurt my vegetarian streak. So, no meat allowed on this one, for me 😦 ….ummm, I could have added some mushrooms, but didn’t have any…oh well….trust me, this is an easy dish and it is really really tasty.


Creamy Fettuccini

Preparation:  7 minutes

Cooking time:  10 minutes

Total time:  17 minutes

Serves 4


500 grams fettuccine

2 tablespoons (30 millilitres) vegetable oil/olive oil/coconut oil

l large garlic clove or 2 medium-sized garlic cloves

2 medium-sized onions

1 medium-sized red chilli

500 millilitres (2 cups) Bulgarian plain yoghurt or Greek Yoghurt

350 – 400 grams baby spinach leaves

salt and pepper to taste


In a large pot, cook fettuccine as per packet instructions.

Whilst the fettuccine is cooking, squash the garlic clove with the back-end of the knife by pressing down onto the clove. This makes it easy to peel and chop the garlic clove/s. Chop the clove/s as small as possible, and set aside. (or use a garlic crusher)

Peel the onion and roughly chop it, and set aside.

Chop the top of the chilli off, and with a sharp knife, slice up the one side so that the pips are exposed. Then, scrape the pips out and discard.  Slice the chilli up finely and put aside.

In a large pan, on medium heat, add the oil and heat it up.  Once the oil is heated add the garlic, chilli and onion to the pan.  With a spatula, keep turning the garlic and onion so it does not burn, and allow to cook for about 4 minutes.

Add the Bulgarian or Greek yoghurt to the pan.  Keep stirring carefully until the yoghurt has heated through.

Add the baby spinach.  (My frying pan, ended up being totally heaped with spinach and literally was towering over) Gently keep stirring, and slowly but surely the spinach will start to cook through and wilt.

Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

Then add the drained fettuccine to the yoghurt mixture.  Stir gently and thoroughly to get all the creamy yoghurt onto the fettuccine

Serve hot !

Enjoy 🙂




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