Cream Cheese Snacks


Well, this are probably the easiest snack to prepare on this planet!  In fact it all could even be less time consuming if the toppings are all prepared before hand 🙂 .


I am known for doing this snack.  It goes down well with friends and family and I am always asked to please do my ‘fancy biscuit things’…Yeah, inevitably that is what they are called….I mean, how easy is it …the main thing is cream cheese!  at least say ‘the cream cheese biscuit things’, then I will know, and not have to rack my brain so much…only kidding the brain doesn’t get racked, but you know what I mean.  It is likeuse your words !!!


Anyway, so I was all amped up to kick off the New Year all healthy and stuff….well, it didn’t happen :-(. Never mind, now I just have to work even harder as of Monday…I really am a glutton for punishment.

So before I get all healthy on you, I must give you this quick and easy Cream Cheese Snack.  These snacks are devoured on Salticrax biscuits.  Then, the cream cheese…if you want, get the healthier version being low-fat cream cheese, both taste great.  Then, the toppings, well you can go crazy with these and really do any topping you want.  I mainly use fresh chives, dry toasted seeds and freshly ground pepper, I also have used toasted nuts, chopped, pink pepper corns freshly ground and a range of fresh herbs…all are equally as good 🙂 .


Cream Cheese Snacks

Preparation time and Total time:  10 minutes (this will vary depending on how many people you are doing for and what actual toppings you are doing)


dry toasted sunflower seeds

dry toasted pumpkin seeds

dry toasted sesame seeds

chopped fresh chives

black pepper freshly ground

1 box of Salticrax

1 tub of cream cheese


With a knife put a dollop of cream cheese on a salticrax.

Choose a topping and put on top of salticrax.

Enjoy 🙂

NB*  When dry toasting seeds and nuts, do not add any oil to the pan, as seeds and nuts have their own natural oils.  Keep tossing the seeds or nuts in the pan to avoid burning.  Watch them carefully when they are on the stove as they will burn if unattended.

Once done, allow to cool and place in a sealed container and store in the fridge.



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