Quote Of The Day Challenge – Day One


Wow ! This is the third time this year that I  have been nominated for the Three Day Quote Challenge.  Each time I have thoroughly enjoyed it, so I am excited 🙂 .

Thank you Millie for the nomination.  I truly feel honoured.  Millie is a published author of two Historical Fiction Books to date, that are set in the Anglo/Saxon/Viking era.  Her novels are a part of the Triology ‘Sons of Kings’. The first book is Shadow of the Raven, and the second is Pit of Vipers. Do yourselves a favour and pop over to Millie’s and check out her amazing blog. https://milliethom.wordpress.com/

So . . . here are the RULES:

1. Post on three consecutive days

2. Pick one or three quotes per day

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

I have decided to do one quote per day, so here is my first one:


Simple, yet true !

My three nominees are:

Lyss (Blissful Lyss)

Jasmine  (The Richmond Ave)

Anita (Anita Kushwaha)

‘Till tomorrow 🙂



16 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day Challenge – Day One

  1. I agree that this quote is very true, Lynne. Our minds do control everything we do, from the way we behave outwardly to the way we feel inwardly – our moods etc. Anything that consumes our minds so totally will undoubtedly affect all of that. 🙂

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