Quote Of The Day Challenge – Day Three



Okay, so this is my final day for the Quote Challenge.  I would like to thank Millie, once again for including me in this challenge.

If you do not know Millie, please pop over to her amazing blog.  Millie is a talented published Author. of two Historical Fiction Books to date, that are set in the Anglo/Saxon/Viking era.  Her novels are a part of the Triology ‘Sons of Kings’. The first book is Shadow of the Raven, and the second is Pit of Vipers. Do yourselves a favour and pop over to Millie’s and check out her amazing blog.

So . . . here are the RULES for this one:

1. Post on three consecutive days

2. Pick one or three quotes per day

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

I have decided to do one quote per day, so here is my third one:


Now, that is a quote !!!

My nominees for today are:

Daisy (Daisy Willows)

Taylor (Peas Remaine Calm)

Paula (Never a Dull Bling)

Hope you enjoyed the ‘mix’ of quotes 🙂

Have a good one 🙂




28 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day Challenge – Day Three

  1. This is a quote in three distinct parts, and what a clever one it is. Each part is very true, and very thought-provoking: we could spend time analysing each section, if we had the time. As a whole it makes us think carefully about the times when it is best to just walk away from something. A great quote to finish on, Lynne. 🙂

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  2. Such a great quote and so true. It’s often hard to know when to try once more and make yourself vulnerable, or just let things go, let things be. I’m struggling with that one now and it’s a tough place to be. Thanks for sharing, Lynne, I loved your quotes! 🙂 xo

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