Sugar Snap Pea and Mint Soup

Well…helloooo green soup and helloooo lunch !!! Come on, let’s be honest here, we are friends, and I am sure you expected nothing less from me than …something….healthy and green.

Oh, before I start rambling….. Sugar Snap Peas are also known as Snap Peas. These guys are identical !!! Why the word ‘sugar’ is included, I have no clue. Also, did you know that the Snap Pea or Sugar Snap Pea is a combination of the Snow Pea and the Garden Pea hmmmmmm???  Well, I didn’t know this. I have never seen them on this side of the world, but clearly they are around. Okay, well apart from that, these guys are super high in nutritional benefits…so Sugar Snap Peas are the way to go !

I have mentioned this tons of times about how things get created just from the contents of my fridge, blah blah blah….yeah, I know, you are probably thinking….blah blah blah, there she goes again….Anyway, often I do not plan my meals, I know it is something I am working on, and often I go shopping and just load up the trolley with every fruit and vegetable that looks amazing, in moderation of course….  Then, the usual scenario takes place, I cook, veggies get used up and then often there is always a little something left just begging to be used (this time, sugar snap peas!) Then I have to rattle my brain and think again.  Well, with the mint starting to flourish in the garden thanks to the rains we have been experiencing, it was a no brainer, and what better way than to blend it all into a nice healthy thick soup.

I think I’m a little obsessed with the blender, anyway, obsessed or not, this soup was perfect and light, and absolutely great for lunch.

Sugar Snap Pea and Mint Soup

Preparation time:  10 minutes

Cooking time:  15 minutes

Total time:  25 minutes

Serves 1


125 grams sugar snap peas

a little oil for saute’ing

1/2 cup diced onion

125 grams diced potato

1/2 cup vegetable stock

1/2 cup packed fresh mint leaves

For serving:  1 teaspoon fresh  lemon juice


Blanch the sugar snap peas in boiling water for 30 seconds.  Remove them from the boiling water and immediately put them in a bowl of iced water, to stop the cooking process.  Set aside.

In a small pot, add the oil and saute’ the onions until translucent.  Add the potato and stock and reduce the heat.  Allow to simmer for 10 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.  Add a little water to the pot if necessary to prevent burning or sticking to the pot. Remove from the heat and place in the blender.

Remove the sugar snap peas from the iced water and roughly chop them up and place them into the blender with the onion and potato. Add the mint. Blend, pulse, blend until it reaches the consistency you are wanting. Add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and serve.

This soup is great at room temperature or heated up.

Enjoy 🙂




38 thoughts on “Sugar Snap Pea and Mint Soup

  1. I love fresh peas so much, and we grown our own mint, it’s a fave too. I can see this soup going down easy with the summer weather you must be getting. Thanks for sharing, friend! And I hope all is well with you. XO 🙂

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    • Oh that is so perfect… I have an abundance of mint growing, it is like a weed in my garden, but I love it. This soup is really amazing, and truly is going to be amazing as it gets warmer. All good my side, hope you are well too. xxx

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  2. What a pretty color and so healthy. The lemon and mint sound like great additions. My husband isn’t very adventurous, so I might have to save this one for the ladies…. And by the way, cauliflower pizza was a hit. And really easy! 😀

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  3. I am totally obsessed with the blender too. I love blended soups! What a cool combination…mint and sugar snap peas, your soup looks so delicious! I had to idea that sugar snap peas were a combo of snow and garden peas! Thanks for sharing your awesome creation and I hope you are doing well Lynne!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Antonia, I am doing great, thank you and hope you are doing so as well !
      I am so pleased you are obsessed with your blender…I don’t think I could live without mine, they just make everything just so much better. I don’t know when I last had an ‘un’-blended soup !!!! in fact unblended soups don’t exist in my world 🙂 Thanks for always visiting and leaving such fabulous comments. Have a great weekend and take care.

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