Spiralized Zucchini, Green Bean, Pea Salad with Parsley Salad Dressing

This is my new favourite salad 🙂 .  It is raw, crunchy and highly nutritious.  When I first made this salad a few weeks ago I never made the dressing, instead just had the salad with some freshly squeezed lemon juice.  I am not really a salad dressing kind of a person, often I feel a dressing takes over the salad and covers up the actual taste of the salad.  But, this dressing is somewhat light and does add a little twist to this salad. FYI I have not tried this salad warmed.  I know some people feel the urge to warm up zucchini in a salad, but really I like it raw. I am loving the sugar snap peas at the moment and for some reason I just can’t get enough of green beans, but they must be the ‘fine’ ones …who knows why….just a thing I am going through right now…Anyhow, salads are going to become a huge thing in my life right now, thanks to summer on it’s way…Ha, I say that, but really this weather in this part of the world, does not know what it wants to do, so I will just do what I do in summer and eat salad…I will pretend it is hot…well at lunch-time anyway……

Spiralized Zucchini, Green Bean, Pea Salad with Parsley Salad Dressing

Total time:  20 minutes

Serves 2


2 cups spiralized zucchini/courgettes/large marrow

75 grams fine green beans

75 grams sugar snap peas

For the Salad Dressing:

Makes about 100 milliliters

1/2 cup tightly packed fresh parsley, chopped

2 fat garlic cloves, minced and chopped finely (about 2 teaspoons)

1 teaspoon of Dijon Mustard (I did not use the grainy one)

2 – 4 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 Tablespoons water

Freshly cracked salt and pepper to taste


Blanch the beans in boiling water for about a minute, remove immediately and place in iced cold water to prevent any further cooking to take place.

Then, blanch the sugar snap peas for 30 seconds, remove immediately and place in a separate bowl of ice-cold water to prevent any further cooking to take place.

To make the dressing:

Add all the dressing ingredients to a bowl and whisk until all combined. Taste.  (If you feel the dressing needs a little more of anything, then add to get the taste to your liking.)

To assemble the salad:

Place the spiralized zucchini on a salad platter.

Cut some of the blanched beans and sugar snap peas up and add to the zucchini. Arrange some whole beans and sugar snap peas on top.  Drizzle the parsley dressing over and serve as a light meal or as a side salad. (I drizzled the dressing over the salad once plated up on separate plates.)

Enjoy 🙂



56 thoughts on “Spiralized Zucchini, Green Bean, Pea Salad with Parsley Salad Dressing

    • You are so sweet Antonia, thank you. Yes, everything in my life right now is Sugar Snap Peas ! I can’t seem to walk down the aisle without picking them up 🙂 So glad you like this salad, it will be great for the summer months. 🙂

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  1. I love a nice raw salad too. People think I’m weird for enjoying my veggies pretty plain, but I can’t help it! I’m a veggie-aholic :). This sounds delicious, Lynne! Have a great week!

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  2. It would never have occurred to me to warm up part of the salad. I too would eat it cold.
    These ingredients truly fuel the body in a manner to strengthen and support quality function. This concept alone (excluding flavor which this salad certainly possesses) should provide motivation to entice the individual to consume it.
    Many of your posts include the word, “favorite.” Now I understand how you maintain a healthy weight. You take so much time thinking about your “favorite” choices, you run out of time to actually eat them! 😀

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    • Oh I know, I can imagine….you will have to come to SA in the summer months 🙂 The warm weather is divine. I actually put my costume on for the first time this season and lay by the pool on Sunday, it was awesome !!!!! The weather here has been so up and down lately though. For instance, today is chilly and not one trace of the sun. 😦
      On the food note, I like my zucchini cooked if in a hot meal, but a salad it really needs to be raw. Glad you like this one. 🙂 ❤

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