Carrot Cake Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge

Okay, so this is not the most exciting looking breakfast on this planet, but it is super tasty.  When I first took the pic’s I had added the milk, warmed the porridge up, and it was all good to go….for my belly, not for the pic’s, sadly. They really just did not look good, and with everything all mushed around, you could not see what was what! You see, everything kind of gets warm and cozy and slithers down into the warmth of the milk! Hence the boring looking porridge! but I kid you not, those flavours are to die for. …….Soooo the next obvious option was finish the porridge, I mean, why not.  It doesn’t matter that I had actually eaten breakfast earlier…Load up another bowl of porridge, add milk, add a bunch of delicious toppings…Do Not steal the toppings, and Do Not warm it up. Take pic’s. (Put in sealed container in the fridge for the next day…Oh btw.  this is perfect for the next day!) This is seriously like having Carrot Cake for breakfast….the difference is, that this is the healthy nutritious version.

Carrot Cake Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge

Preparation time:  5 minutes *  this time can be less if carrot is grated.

Cooking time:   8 minutes

Total time:  13 minutes

Serves 1 – 2


1/2 cup uncooked buckwheat

1 cup water

1 cup grated carrot

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (you can add a little more if you want)

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

a pinch of ground cloves

1 Tablespoon desiccated coconut

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the topping:  milk of your choice, coconut flakes, toasted chopped nuts of your choice and a drizzling of honey


On medium heat and in a medium-sized pot, bring all the above (except the topping ingredients) to the boil.  Then reduce to simmer until cooked.  I personally like a bit of texture so I do not over cook. Mine took about 5 minutes. Remove pot from the heat. Place the porridge mixture into a breakfast bowl and add milk and toppings.

Enjoy 🙂

NB*  If you want your porridge warmer, give it a boost in the microwave.


Warmed Triple Grain Coffee Breakfast Bowl Topped with Dark Chocolate and Coconut


Hey hey….well you all know my love for grains ……well, this triple grain idea actually happened unexpectedly.  Me being me, and my latest obsession for breakfast (and grains) sort of happened like this.  Leftover cooked quinoa, a bit of millet and some buckwheat, and I kind of wondered what on earth I was going to do with the ‘bits’.  So, I threw them all together, added some instant coffee, tasted it, yum.  And, from there it all evolved.  Thoughts of chocolate, and then coconut entered my brain, and soon more chocolate.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t like a bit of a dark chocolate kick?  Then, the guilt fled in, so I added some chia seeds. Hahahahahaha

So, this breakfast can be prepared overnight, and eaten the next day without any issues.  Warming it up is just the best, as those chocolate chunks just start to melt, OMW !!! and then here and there you get a bit of a chunk of chocolate. Seriously, this is a great way to start the morning or in fact, I could eat this anytime of the day…obvs 🙂


Warmed Triple Grain Coffee Breakfast Bowl Topped with Dark Chocolate and Coconut

Total time:  7 minutes

Serves 1-2 people


2 cups cooked grains (I used a combination of quinoa, millet and buckwheat)

2 cups rice milk (you can use any milk of your choice)

2 Tablespoons chia seeds

2 Tablespoons instant coffee

1 Tablespoon coconut

chopped dark chocolate chunks

For the topping:

extra coconut – optional

extra dark chocolate chunks – optional


In a bowl add all the above ingredients, stir well to combine.  Cover and place in the refrigerator overnight.

When ready to eat, warm up quickly either in the microwave or on top of the stove in a small bowl.

Top with coconut shavings and more chunks of dark chocolate.

Enjoy 🙂

Chocolate Squares


I decided on baking a batch of Chocolate Squares today.  I felt like baking something which my brother and I used to thoroughly enjoy as kids, after all, it is his birthday today, so Happy Birthday Robin 🙂 . You are the best brother ever !!! (My brother lives in Connecticut with his beautiful family and they are so far away from me 😦 .  Living in different countries is not fun.)

These Chocolate Squares have been playing on my mind for quite some time. They take me back to my childhood days and memories of my mom baking them for us when my brother and I were still small. This recipe had been given to my mom by our friend and neighbour.  My mom had hand written it, in a little book, and it is this very recipe which I baked for my girls when they were small.  It has been years since I have made them for my family, and not only that, it has been years since I have baked anything remotely like this…(really bad !)

This recipe is not quite like the standard ‘crunchie’ recipe where you use syrup and butter melted to bind the ingredients. There is no syrup in this recipe, and it still binds and holds together when packed tightly, just with the butter.

Once the Chocolate Squares are done and come out of the oven, its important to do the chocolate icing there and then, and then sprinkle with coconut or any other sprinkles you prefer.  Avoid waiting for the Chocolate Squares to get too cold before putting the icing on.  Also, wait for the Chocolate Squares to cool completely before cutting them into squares. (that’s the hard part) These Chocolate Squares are slightly softer than the standard ‘crunchie’ and trust me, they are very very more(ish)….(probably not a good idea for me to have them in the house…)

These Chocolate Squares will last a few days in a sealed container, if they last that long. (FYI…mine are being devoured, as we speak 🙂 )


Chocolate Squares

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time:  25 minutes

Total time: 40 minutes

Makes approximately   24  Chocolate Squares


1 cup butter

3 cups uncooked oats

1 1/2 cups  fine grade desiccated coconut

1 cup white loosely packed sugar

1 1/2 cups chocolate wheat free Pronutro *

2 tablespoons cocoa

1 teaspoon baking powder

For the Icing:

2 1/2 cups icing sugar

3 tablespoons cocoa

5-6 tablespoons of boiling water

dash of lemon juice

(some coconut or sprinkles for decoration)


Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees C (Fan oven)

Grease a large baking tray approximately 35 cm x 24 cm/9.5  x 13.5 inches  in size

In a medium sized bowl combine the oats, coconut, sugar, pronutro, cocoa and the baking powder.

Melt the butter, and then stir the melted butter into the dry ingredients.

Stir well to combine, using a wooden spoon.

Then tip mixture into a greased baking tray. *

Press down firmly.  This must be done very firmly, as this will help bind all the ingredients together .

Bake for 25 minutes.

Take out of oven, and with a piece of wax paper covering the chocolate squares, press down again to ensure good binding.  (I used a rolling pin for this, to really press down securely)

If not quite golden brown, return to the oven for an extra 5 minutes.

Once golden brown, remove from the oven.

Prepare for the icing by placing the icing sugar and cocoa together in a bowl.

Add the boiling water and mix thoroughly with either a wooden spoon or metal tablespoon. (The icing should not be watery, but more of a thicker consistency)

Place icing on the cooked mixture and smooth out with the back end of the spoon till it reaches and covers the entire tray.

Decorate with coconut or sprinkles of your choice.

Allow to cool before cutting into squares.

Enjoy 🙂

*  Pronutro is a healthy nutritious breakfast cereal.  It is very common to buy in South Africa.  I believe it is available on some online stores and in South African shops in and around the States.

(with regards to the Pronutro there are several flavours available.  For this recipe I used chocolate, but the original is equally as nice)

*  I use ‘Spray n’ Cook’ to grease for baking or cooking.  I have found that most butters at times can stick.